Leah Reeder

PhD Student


A list of updated publications can be found here.

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The Future of Computing: Integrating Scientific Computation on Neuromorphic Systems

Leah Reeder, James B Aimone, William M Severa

CSRI Summer Proceedings, Sandia National Laboratories, 2019

A Comprehensive Approach to Building a Neuromorphic Platform for Remote Computation

WM Severa, AJ Hill, CM Vineyard, MJ Kagie, R Dellana, L Reeder, F Wang, JB Aimone, A Yanguas-Gil

DoD Journal of Research & Engineering, microelectronics special edition, vol. 2(2), 2019 Aug, pp. 59-67

Exploring Fractional Derivatives and Trigonometric Functions

Leah Reeder, Kevin Ahrendt

Mines Undergraduate Research Journal: Reuleaux, vol. 1(1), 2019 Apr

Building a Comprehensive Neuromorphic Platform for Remote Computation

William Severa, Aaron J Hill, Craig M Vineyard, Angel Yanguas-Gil, Ryan Dellana, Leah Reeder, Felix Wang, James B Aimone

GOMACTech, Albuquerque, NM, 2019 Feb 24

Non-neural network applications for spiking neuromorphic hardware

James B Aimone, Kathleen E Hamilton, Susan Mniszewski, Leah Reeder, Catherine D Schuman, William M Severa

3rd International Workshop on Post-Moore’s Era Supercomputing (PMES 2018), Dallas, TX, 2018

Neural Algorithms for Low Power Implementation of Partial Differential Equations.

James Bradley Aimone, Aaron Jamison Hill, Richard B. Lehoucq, Ojas D. Parekh, Leah Reeder, William Mark Severa

2018 Jul 31

Exploring Applications of Random Walks on Spiking Neural Algorithms.

Leah Reeder, Aaron Jamison Hill, James Bradley Aimone, William Mark Severa

CSRI Summer Proceedings, Sandia National Laboratories, 2018 Jul 31