Leah Reeder

PhD Student


Leah Reeder is a first year PhD student in the Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME) at Stanford University. 


The Future of Computing: Integrating Scientific Computation on Neuromorphic Systems

Leah Reeder, James B Aimone, William M Severa

CSRI Summer Proceedings, Sandia National Laboratories, 2019

A Comprehensive Approach to Building a Neuromorphic Platform for Remote Computation

WM Severa, AJ Hill, CM Vineyard, MJ Kagie, R Dellana, L Reeder, F Wang, JB Aimone, A Yanguas-Gil

DoD Journal of Research & Engineering, microelectronics special edition, vol. 2(2), 2019 Aug, pp. 59-67

Exploring Fractional Derivatives and Trigonometric Functions

Leah Reeder, Kevin Ahrendt

Mines Undergraduate Research Journal: Reuleaux, vol. 1(1), 2019 Apr

Building a Comprehensive Neuromorphic Platform for Remote Computation

William Severa, Aaron J Hill, Craig M Vineyard, Angel Yanguas-Gil, Ryan Dellana, Leah Reeder, Felix Wang, James B Aimone

GOMACTech, Albuquerque, NM, 2019 Feb 24

Non-neural network applications for spiking neuromorphic hardware

James B Aimone, Kathleen E Hamilton, Susan Mniszewski, Leah Reeder, Catherine D Schuman, William M Severa

3rd International Workshop on Post-Moore’s Era Supercomputing (PMES 2018), Dallas, TX, 2018

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Animal Tracking - Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Partnered with CACI to develop CLI to determine reward maps for animals based on tracking data.



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Leah Reeder

PhD Student



Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering

Stanford University